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RE: CVS error

BDB 4.0 is no longer supported. You may want to monitor the openldap-commit
and openldap-devel mailing lists if you plan to use the CVS HEAD, to stay
informed of what changes are going on and why.

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> Hello,
> I usually compile OpenLDAP from the CVS, I'm just experimenting
> right now; but yesterday's snapshot would not pass the ./configure
> state, conplaining about a mismatch in the BDB version. I have
> BDB  4.0.14 ( I think the default on RedHat Linux 8.0) and
> about 10 days
> ago the CVS compiled without any problems.
>   Is there any extra step I have to make before running ./configure ?
> (besides "make distclean") or the CVS tree does not support BDB 4.0.x
> anymore ?
> tia,
> mitu