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Re: Apps for ldap schema

Beast wrote:
> Is there any application to help us creating and viewing ldap schema? it
> should be able to shows that some attributes are inherits from which
> objectclass(es).


Excerpt from http://www.web2ldap.de/features.html:

------------------------- snip -------------------------
Schema support
* Full LDAPv3 sub schema sub entry support when displaying an entry or input form with required and allowed attributes.
* Built-in schema browser which shows expanded information: Displays references to other schema elements as links, all required and allowed attributes of an object class including inherited attributes and trees of derived schema elements.
* Schema support has reasonable performance since caching of parsed sub schema sub entries is done.
* Fall-back to a local schema definition stored in LDIF file (for e.g. LDAPv2 servers).
------------------------- snip -------------------------

It does not allow schema editing unless normal modification of the sub schema sub entry. Also OpenLDAP slapd does not allow schema modification via LDAP.

But being the author I'm biased...

Ciao, Michael.