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Re: oot: the best DSA

glozano@noldata.com wrote:

OpenLDAP is right.
SunOne Directory Server is very stable, more than OpenLDAP, but may be not
too fast. (Am I wrong?)

You're probably wrong.... As it all comes down to fast for what !
But at least 3 years ago, iPlanet DS (now Sun ONE DS) was recognized as best directory by Network Fusion, and to cite NF term, "iPlanet orbits the competition"... This was mainly based on performances. Since then, we've continued to improve performances.
We can discuss that offline if you want.



Critical Path directoty server is allright, stable, fast and everything
Netscape Directory, well the same SunOne...
Active Directory from M$oft, ahmmm no comments.

Gustavo A. Lozano

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On Thu, 20 Feb 2003, Beast wrote:


I don't want to start flame war, just curious. What is the best and widely used (de facto standart) directory service in
enterprise level?

-- Ludovic Poitou Sun Microsystems Inc. Sun ONE products - Directory Server Group - Grenoble - France