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RE: oot: the best DSA


I doubt that guesses.

I think that for any (enterprise level) directory only a few servers are
iPlanet probably the most.
Secondly very likely Critical path and Siemens DirX.
Third would be Oracle internet Directory.

IBM is nearly never used
And then you have Syntegra, Nexor, computer associates

NDS and Active directory are *only* used as networking OS and are nearly
never used as enterprise directory. Of these two, AD can hardly be called a
decent directory, as it has to many differences to ldap. NDS is only a
decent directory since last versions, and don't have much marketshare at

I did try to search the web for some real market share figures, but could
not find any thrustworthy figures.
(at least novell, critical path, iPlanet claim to be the marketleader)
(As in Europe, Siemens is absolutely the market leader)

I think that some large researchers (gartner group, burton) do have these
figures, but the information is probably only for sale.

Anyone has access to that kind of information?

Greetings, Dolf

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>I don't want to start flame war, just curious. 
>What is the best and widely used (de facto standart) directory service in
>enterprise level?

Beats me, but I'd guess NDS for seats supported.  With ADS coming on
strong.  Sun sells iPlanet, but I've never met it, and IBM sells
SecureWay which doesn't seem to be anywhere.  It would probably be
impossible to measure seats supported by OpenLDAP in any accurate way.