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Re: slurpd doesn't recognize that the slave is down


I think that you're a bit confused. The *.rej files contain ldap
commands (ldifs actually) which were REJECTED by one of the slaves (i.e.,
permission denied).

If a slave is down, the replication log just gets bigger and bigger, and
when the slave would wake up, slurpd should send that big replication log
to him. Replication log should be emptied all the time in healthy systems.

That is, if I understood your question well.

- Oren

On Wed, 19 Feb 2003, Harms, Hendrik (TOJAQ) wrote:

> I'm using openldap-2.0.27 in a master slave configuration on solaris
> The replication works. But when the slave ldap is down, the slurpd
> did not write anything into the *.rej files. All changes are written into
> the slurpd.replog file like those the slave is up.
> How could I find out what changes are sent during the downtime of
> the slave?
> Thanks,
> Hendrik