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Re: OpenLDAP + RedHat 8.0 problem

Divyesh A. wrote:
On 18 Feb 2003, Adam Williams wrote:

when I tried openldap on redhat it was giving me some error while adding
with ldapadd like
	:No such arrtribute.
But slapdadd allowed me to add same entry so I was very surprised at that
time .

slapadd doesn't sanity check like ldapadd does (against a running DSA)

As per your instruction I did like that ..

	I run " slapd -d 5 " in debugging more printed msg like that
		daemon socket() failed error=97 (Address family not
		supported by protocol
		starting ..

	And after that with main.ldif ..
		dn: dc=test, dc=com
		objectclass: top

	I did "ldapadd -f main.ldif

	and I got error like
		ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s(): No such attributes ..

	So I could not figure out where the problem is

suggest me some hint so I can do that !

I had these same "problems" earlier this week, and Howard Chu set me straight. Check:


Turns out it was my problem. I searched the message archives and documentation, but I missed the faq. This particular page is worth a bookmark.

Jon Roberts