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Proftpd and ldap

I have rebuilt a RH rpm for Proftpd with LDAP and installed it and got
it working, if anyone is interested here is alink.
Note:  The ldap which compiled with this is mod_ldap-2.8.10.

If you use it, you need to know something.  In the past I always put a
bogus shell for ftp user, however, if the shell listed on the LDAP for a
given user is not listed in the /etc/shell file then it will return
"Login Failure".  I don't know why it matters it is a ftp, you don't
need or want a shell.  I would suggest adding and extra loginshell
attribute and assign it the /bin/ftpfalse which is actually a copy (or
symlink to the real /bin/false), and of course include it in your
/etc/shell file.

I think there is away to assign(override) a defualt login shell, haven't
found it yet.  I guess there are many ways, all a matter



Okay now I am going to move on to sendmail..........