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Re: FURPA - HIPA - Filter help -- ACL

søn, 2003-02-16 kl. 16:12 skrev Some LDAP Admin:

> I was wondering how people are setting up their LDAP directory
> to include both viewable data and non-viewable data.
> The FURPA Law which applies to all schools in the US requires this.

More or less every grown-up DIT would.

> How would you do something like this with LDAP ?

Have you tried splitting the acl at the point that you want privacy?
With a pencil and paper?

   |                             |
ou=people                  everybodyelse

That's the way I do it. To the left self can write, everybody can read,
to the right not - or you can define what you want to allow..

access to dn="cn=person,ou=people,dc=somecoll,dc=edu"
   by self write
   by dn="ou=people,dc=somecoll,dc=edu" read

   (implies "by everybodyelse, forget it")

I can go deeper and deeper, but don't particularly want to here. You can
use regexes and all that kind of thing, namely, and it begins to get
complicated then.




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