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Re: Update on performance issues with Openldap 2.1.x and Solaris 8

lør, 2003-02-15 kl. 00:52 skrev Philip Brown:

> > We are now at 45 queries/second via GSSAPI binds sustained with 18 hosts on 
> > a single CPU Netra T1.
> >...
> > Part of the performance boost came in part with a new 
> > caching piece for Berkeley DB, so people who are running the 2.1.x series 
> > with Berkeley DB as their backend, may see an increase in performance if 
> > they move to 2.1.10 from older versions.

> Have you compared results to what happens if you run a "real" database?
> (ideally, comparing both msyql and oracle would be very interesting, I
> think)

I've (c.q. "the rest of the world") always maintained that this is
comparing chalk to cheese. Your two minisculed examples are SQL
databases. Since when has a SQL database been able to propagate parts of
itself to other SQL databases spread across a network? Since when has it
had a hierarchical structure defined by the IETF? Since when has it had
the propensity to do referrals Etc, etc.

Who defined SQL as being "a real database?" Why aren't f. ex. BTREE
databases, ISAM-based databases"real database"s?

> IIRC, openldap supports real database interfaces, doesnt it?

IIRTFMC, yes ;)




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