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migrating remotely

I am trying to migrate my dialup server to the LDAP server.  I was
looking for some clues on how to do this....

I used the -H ldap://ldap.server.com commadlin directive on the
ldapsearch line to see if it found the server and could talk to it.  It
did okay.  however, when I try to do it with the ldapadd it will find
the server and asks for a password, but it will not except the password.
Well....it says ldap_bind: Invalid credentials.  I thought maybe a
fudged the password entry in the LDAP server so I went back and rentered
the password with (MD5),...,I still got the same results.  The LDAP
server isn't putting out anything for debuging in the local4 file to
tell me which credentisal are failing.

Any ideas ??
thank in advance :-)