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RE: Search order retrieval

The order is not guaranteed in any way.

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> When doing a full search e.g. scope=sub on the entire tree, are the
> entries returned in some totally unpredictable order, or can 
> I expect a
> modicum of sense e.g. a depth-first search or something?
> On 2.0.25 at least, the DNs seems to be returned utterly at 
> random from
> all over the tree.  Not that I rely upon seeing a partially-ordered
> sequence of course, but some 3rd-party software I'm using seems to be
> confused.
> I don't know whether it's a subtle bug in 8 pages of 
> uncommented Perl 5
> code using Net::LDAP (which it could well be), or whether I should be
> worried about the integrity of my directory...
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