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RE: Redhat 7.3 + openLDAP

it could be a dns timeout - whats the contents of your /etc/hosts file?

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Subject: Redhat 7.3 + openLDAP


I've been investigating the use of an LDAP directory for managing 
in-house customer-related information, and though I'm at the very 
beginning of the process, I've come across a condition that has me 
puzzled. Redhat 7.3 comes with everything installed regarding OpenLDAP, 
SASL, etc, so I haven't needed to compile and install anything 
separately. After I set up the slapd.conf file to contain the basic 
information (rootdn and rootpw), and the /etc/ldap.conf file to contain 
the correct host and base definitions, I issue the following standard 
search command to check and make sure it's working:

ldapsearch -x -b '' -s base '(objectclass=*)' namingContexts

The problem is that it takes about minute to return with a response. The 
same delay is present when I add a couple of simple records from an ldif 
file using ldapadd. I'm puzzled as to why this delay exists, and I'm 
wondering if someone can point me to possible solution.