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Can't contact LDAP server

I've installed the openldap 2.0, and all I have configured thus far is
the slapd.conf per the docs.  I tested the server as follows.

I start ldap with: service ldap start
In the local4 log file I get this:
Feb 12 23:06:34 mchn6 slapd[30465]: daemon: socket() failed errno=97
(Address family not supported by protocol) 
Feb 12 23:06:34 mchn6 slapd[30467]: slapd starting 

When I run the test command:
ldapsearch -x -b '' -s base '(objectclass=*) namingContexts version:2

I get this echoed back:
ldap_bind: can't contact LDAP server

And I get this i the Local4.log
Feb 12 23:06:50 mchn6 slapd[30472]: fd=9 host access from unknown
( denied. 

The problem is obviously on slapd start up.  But I have no idea what
that errno is suggestioning.

Any ideas 
Thanks in advance :-)