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Re: Storeing Bookmarks?

Quoting Brenda Bell <k15a-list-openldap@mail.theotherbell.com>:

> Quoting Jim C <jcllings@tsunamicomm.net>:
> > What I want to know is if there is also a way to put
> > the
> > bookmarks in there too and still be able to access them with
> > Mozilla/Netscape.
> You can certainly stored URL's in LDAP (I use labeledURI for this
> purpose).  The question is whether you can get Mozilla/Netscape to
> actually use them as such.  I'm not aware of a way to enabled this
> sort of functionality.  FYI, there's a Horde project underway for
> LDAP-based bookmarks.

If a solution doesn't pop up and you feel like writing your own (for mozilla):

1) Mozilla talks to LDAP
2) All Mozilla UI is written in XUL
3) You can write your own Mozilla "components" in XUL

I can see two approaches maybe.  Using a script on the server
(web accessable) to produce a RDF datasource file that
your XUL component can access directly. (this would likely be
for read-only bookmark access).
Interface with ldap directly stealing from code that talks to LDAP
contact entries.

If intersted read up on XUL here: