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Re: Openldap/bdb instability

> Hi, I've configured openldap-2.1.12 with sleepycat's bdb (db-4.1.25).
> The ldap server runs awhile but then gets filled with error messages:
> Feb 6 11:11:13 7U:server01 last message repeated 140 times
> Feb 6 11:11:15 7U:server01 slapd[170848]: <= bdb_equality_candidates:
> index_param failed (18)
> after a while the error messages are very many, and it all ends with a
> failure to allocate bytes with ch_malloc,
> and slapd dumps core.
> Anyone recognizes these errors? slapd stands up for about 15-20 minutes
> with about 100 clients accessing it as a source
> for name lookups.

The code 18 means LDAP_INAPPROPRIATE_MATCHING; this means the attribute
you're filtering does not support equality matching or something
like that; it does not automatically imply a bug, it looks more like
an invalid syntax or matching rule problem.

Can you dig a bit further in what is causing the error?


Pierangelo Masarati