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Re: LDAP & PAM on Redhat 8 Problem

Tony Earnshaw wrote:
tor, 2003-02-06 kl. 09:48 skrev Luis Martinez Martinez:

I had problems with pam and ldap in RH8.0 as well. In my case I found that the nscd daemon package (which rules the auth cache subsystem) was broken for pam-ldap on RH8.0. If I dissable this daemon pam-ldap auth works, although there is an important performance hit. I posted a bug to REDHAT about this, but still no answer. Perhaps you are having the same problem.

In case it makes you happy, I have (still :) exactly the same with RH
7.2, which I still use. nscd worked for a while, hours in fact, then
suddenly no PAM stuff worked any more. Killing all nscd processes
immediately alleviated the problem.

I'm running a BIND 9.2 caching name server at the same time, and I came
to the conclusion nscd and BIND's named didn't like each other. If you
have the one, you don't need the other.



For me nscd under 7.3 don't create pb !
I really need it beceause my /etc/ldap.conf is in mode 600 (bindpw in it !), so users cannot logging if nscd (which runs under uid=root, so can read /etc/ldap.conf) isn't running . I haven't really checked that pb, but running nearly 100 machines this way all day long, I would have had users complaints if it was a pb .