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Re: Design Question - Multiple Objects In Custom inetOrgPerson Objects

Jason Mowat wrote:

My hospPerson object must be able to have zero or more unionSeniority
objects.  I must be able to search an employee and find their respective
unionSeniority object by seniorityFreezeDate.  However, I'm not sure how
I should tag the ou portion of the unionSeniority object.  If I use the
date as part of the ou, I limit myself from using any other
date-sensitive objects that may be necessary in the future.

There is no need to use ou in the RDN or even in the object class. If the freeze dates are to be unique per person, you could just use distinguished names like:

dn: seniorityFreezeDate=20040101, cn=ssmith, ou=people, o=sbgh

You can search on the date values as long as the attribute is indexed.

Jon Roberts