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Re: trying to understand log output and authentication

ons, 2003-02-05 kl. 16:09 skrev Brian K. Jones:

> To a newbie, it looks like fishhead itself is first binding to the LDAP
> server, using credentials from ldap.secret (how do I get to where I
> *don't* need this file?) and info from /etc/ldap.conf.  Only then can it
> send the information to authenticate the user.  Is this much correct? 
> I'm having trouble finding docs on what's happening in this process. 
> All I see is 'make sure pam_ldap and nss_ldap are installed, do this,
> and it should work'.

I have the same with pam_ldap. 'Spose everybody has. That's what clients
that use /etc/ldap.conf to bind with do. OTOH, clients such as my smtp
server and Evolution (that don't use /etc/ldap.conf binds) bind with a
DN/password combination that only makes one proxy or user bind

> This info alone is great until something *doesn't* work.

Make sure it always works, then :-)



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