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Re: GQ write issue

ons, 2003-02-05 kl. 04:35 skrev Jason Armstrong:

> However, I am unable to use gq to modify any entries. GQ settings for
> server are:
> ----------------------------------------------------
> LDAP host : ldap.example.com
> Base DN  : dc=example,dc=com
> Bind DN  : cn=Jason Armstrong,dc=example,dc=com
> Bind type  : Simple
> Search Attribute : (objectclass=*)
> ----------------------------------------------------
> But attempting to modify an entry gives the message: Insufficient
> access

Hmmm ... while you seem to have given a password for authentication in
ldapmodify, you don't seem to have given a password in GQ. Therefore
your credentials are wrong. The log shows an anonymous bind, at any

You may have done, but in your slapd.conf, you omit the essential access
to attr=userPassword by anonymous auth, thingy. How is Openldap supposed
to know who Jason Armstrong is, unless he proves it with his password?
And how can he authenticate in the first place, unless he does it




Tony Earnshaw

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