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Re: beginner questions

Ernesto Freyre wrote:

dn: uid=aghaffar, ou=editors, o=linuxfocus.org
uid: aghafar
cn: Atif Ghaffar
sn: Ghaffar
givenname: Atif
objectclass: person
userpassword: {CRYPT}yIvSBWSuLs2N2
mailacceptinggeneralid: aghaffar@linuxfocus.org
ou: editors

adding new entry "uid=aghaffar, ou=editors, o=linuxfocus.org" ldapadd: update failed: uid=aghaffar, ou=editors, o=linuxfocus.org ldap_add: Undefined attribute type (17) additional info: mailacceptinggeneralid: attribute type undefined

According to my schema files, the object class "person", which is the only one declared with this entry, does not include attributes uid, givenname, mailacceptinggeneralid, or ou. If you want to load an entry like this, you need to either add object classes or remove these attributes.