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Re: slapd-meta Example Config ?

> It took a while, but I figured out how to do it.
> You need the last commit, and use:
> uri "proto://host:port/dn proto://host:port proto://host:port"
> that is, if multiple URIs are present, the <dn>
> must be present only in the first URI, and commas
> and spaces in the <dn> must be URLescaped (e.g.
> space becomes %20 and comma %2C).

I "improved" the last commit to make config files
more readable and preserve backwards compatibility;
now the URI separator is a tab '\t', so we can use
commas and spaces in the <dn> part.

I have an even cleaner solution, but requires a bit
more coding, and I'm getting lazy ... ;)


Pierangelo Masarati