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Re: Real Green

Hi Jason,

Take a look at GQ (http://biot.com/gq/) - It's a great graphical tool. 
I've had trouble with the 0.7 beta versions, but it's still a treat.

PADL Software has available a set of great ( & free) migration tools
that you may want to look at:

Lastly, since you don't have a FQDN, you'll want to set up your root dn
like: o=YourOrganization,c=JP , as opposed to something like

Hope this helps!

On Fri, 2003-01-31 at 18:53, Jason wrote:
> OL,
>     I apologize for being ignorant about LDAP.
> I would like to use LDAP protocol, for a corporate addressbook.  I am
> running FreeBSD 4.7 and have installed OpenLdap from the ports.  I didn't
> have any trouble with the installation or starting slapd.  I don't have a
> FQDN only a static ip number.  Does LDAP require a Fully Qualified Domain
> Name to operate correctly?  What is the easiest way to populate the LDAP
> database?  I would like to use a GUI or webpage interface if possible.
> Thank you for helping out a newbie.
> Jason
e r i k   w i l l i a m s o n                     erik@cpsc.ucalgary.ca
 system admin . department of computer science . university of calgary