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Re: SASL authentication

fre, 2003-01-31 kl. 17:03 skrev Vincent FONTENEAU:

> I'm triing to configure an openldap database with SASL Digest-md5 
> authentication. I've success in making openldap database with no SASL 
> authentication.
> I'm little newbie in openldap and I'am triing to configure SASL for 1 
> week now.

This is all Openldap 2.1.10, Cyrus SASL 2.1.10, Berkeley BDB 4.1.24:

> Is somebody know where I could find a good doc to configure openldap 
> with SASL,

Cyrus SASL (2.1.10) docs, just follow them - if you've compiled and
installed it correctly and then compiled Openldap against it:

>  i mean configure slapd.conf,

See below

> ldif file

Same as for normal Openldap. All passwords for Openldap DIGEST-MD5 users
must be in cleartext in the DIT (userPassword).

>  sasldb

Isn't necessary for Openldap.

>  how to declare saslpasswd

No special saslpasswd

> do I need saslatuhd

You mean saslauthd. No, you don't

> and sasl.conf file ?

Not for Openldap, but running the Cyrus test program is fun, when you
get it to work. This is all in the Cyrus SASL documentation.

>  I really don't know 
> how to do.

Archives, for this mailing list, especially July 12/13 2002 with Howard
Chu's explanation and the esuing enlightenment for all.

> Even if i want to use slurpd with SASL how to do ?

No idea, haven't got that far and don't use SASL at the moment, anyway
(I use SSL/TLS and cleartext passwords, 'cos that's what my apps use).

I have this normal suffix in slapd.conf (it's not specially for


and for SASL DIGEST-MD5 in slapd.conf:

sasl-regexp "uid=(.*),cn=digest-md5,cn=auth"

Looking for cn=Tom Smith, authenticating as tonye:

ldapsearch -Y DIGEST-MD5 -b -U tonye 'cn=tom smith'

The above obviously have to exist, but they're not special for SASL.

-U is the SASL authcid (*man ldapsearch*). You have the same rights as
your normal ACLs give you.




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