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Re: Multiple following spaces

Quoting Armin Wenz <awenz@mtgnet.de>:

> I ran into the problem that a customer wants to have multiple following 
> spaces within an attribute value (namely 'cn' and 'sn'). It's no problem 
> inserting these values. But I cannot search for these values with an 
> exact match.
> e.g.
> dn: cn=abc   xyz,o=org,c=de
> cn: abd   xyz
> A substring search 'cn=abc*' returns this value, even 'cn=abc *' (1 
> space). But neither 'cn=abc  *' (2 spaces) nor 'cn=abd   xyz'
> Is there a way to get around this?

I don't know if this helps but...

>From RFC2252:

 When performing the caseIgnoreMatch, caseIgnoreListMatch,
   telephoneNumberMatch, caseExactIA5Match and caseIgnoreIA5Match,
   multiple adjoining whitespace characters are treated the same as an
   individual space, and leading and trailing whitespace is ignored.


RFC 1779                   DN Representation                  March 1995

2.3  Formal definition

   A formal definition can now be given.  The structure is specified in
   a BNF grammar in Figure 1.  This BNF uses the grammar defined in RFC
   822, with the terminals enclosed in <> [2].  This definition is in an
   abstract character set, and so may be written in any character set
   supporting the explicitly defined special characters.  The quoting
   mechanism is used for the following cases:

    o  Strings containing ",", "+", "=" or """ , , "<",
       ">", "#", or ";".

    o  Strings with leading or trailing spaces

    o  Strings containing consecutive spaces

Ryan T. Gallagher
International Studies Abroad