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Re: Limiting Search w/ Contacts in Outlook.

On Friday 31 January 2003 06:24, Jason C. Leach wrote:
> hi,
> So I setup a Contacts directory, works pretty well w/ Outlook. I
> can only seem to get it working if I specify the top level DN.
> Like dc=mydomain,dc=com but I can't limit the search with but
> that gives me everything. I would like to only search the Contacts
> portion w/ dc=mydomain,dc=com,ou=People,ou=Contacts. Can that
> be done?

Outlook can be set to search for pretty much anything.

Search for your LDAP search base, or your LDAP hostname in the Windows 
registry and modify the search directly there.

IIRC, the default search string is almost useless in some setups.

I have some notes somewhere that gives the exact key you need to modify, but I 
can't find them right now :)


Andrew McCall

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