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passwd_compat: ldap

Hi all,

Not sure if this is the right list to post my problem...

Did anyone ever try to get passwd_compat working with LDAP under Linux (in particular RedHat 7.3)?

When I have

passwd:     files ldap

in /etc/nsswitch.conf


getent passwd

returns the users in /etc/passwd and those in LDAP, as expected.

Then I tried

passwd:         compat
passwd_compat:  ldap

and appended


(someuser exists in LDAP) in /etc/passwd.


getent passwd

returns the users in /etc/passwd except someuser, as expected.

So far, so good. But

id -a someuser


id: someuser: No such user

According to the man page of nsswitch.conf:

By default, the source is `nis', but this may be overriden by specifying `nisplus' as source for the pseudo-databases passwd_compat, group_compat and shadow_compat. This pseudo-databases are only available in GNU C Library.

Obviously, there is no pseudo-database support for LDAP under Linux... or am I doing something wrong?