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Re: Need to export Exchange Server to OpenLdap

>Curious , for me it works !
>>The URL you gave me for the "active_directory_schema" 
>>is no longer valid.  It gives a "Page Not Found" error.

It works for me too, nice link.

>>Would you or somebody else happen to have the schema somewhere else?

Has anyone attemped to "port" this schema?  (Pull it from an Exchange
box via OpenLDAP tools and a subschema query?).  Some of it is standard,
alot of it isn't.  There are certainly syntax and attribute matching
issues with loading this schema into OpenLDAP, but it would be nice to
have as nearly a working schema as possible.  Doing this by hand looks
awful as there are lots of attributes/objectclasses,  and I don't have
an Exchange box around.