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ldapsearch hangs

ok I am trying something new :-)

I have built openldap 2.1.12 for Solaris 8 64bit
and openssl .9.6h (I know 9.7 is out )

I have the config files set up so that ldapsearch's defaults can find and talk to the ldap server I am using.

when I run the 64bit ldpasearch command
it returns all the data that it should and then hangs

if I run ldapsearch -ZZ
The command completes correctly

any ideas on where to look ????

The 32 bit versions work fine.

This feels like a 32 => 64 bit (or OS ) compile issue. and before tearing things apart I was wondering if anyone has
looked at this before ?

Truss has the process stuck in a read.

So I think it is missing an eof or the packets to shut down the connection.