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Re: OpenLDAP 2.1 and ACL

I would like to un-subscribe please

Tony Earnshaw a écrit :

> tir, 2003-01-28 kl. 00:39 skrev Emmanuel Blot:
> > slapd still seems to require access to the 'entry' attribute to perform the search.
> > I've added:
> > access to attr=entry
> >        by users read
> Dunno, I'm afraid. I don't use this and don't know anyone else who does.
> 'man slapd.access' would seem to indicate that by doing this, you are
> also blocking access to the entry's children, since the default at this
> point is 'stop'. Though that's my interpretation and could be wrong.
> F.ex., I don't have any 'entry' pseudo attribute  and "it works for me".
> At a certain point I =do= have a 'children' pseudo attribute, but that's
> comparatively deep down in a sub-tree, once everything else has been
> satisfied.
> By filtering things like 'sn' and 'cn', you're only making everything
> doubly difficult for yourself. Why don't you just start with a
> bare-bones ACL and add what you want, one thing at a time, till it
> breaks? That's the way I do it.
> BTW, your log level gives interesting results that I haven't seen
> before. What log level is it?
> Best,
> Tony
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