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Aix how can log


How can I the logs informations in a file under AIX 4.3.3 and openldap 2.1.4

I have added this line in my /etc/sysconf.log

local4.emerg    /var/log/sldap.log
local4.alert    /var/log/sldap.log
local4.crit     /var/log/sldap.log
local4.err      /var/log/sldap.log
local4.warning  /var/log/sldap.log
local4.notice   /var/log/sldap.log
local4.info     /var/log/sldap.log
local4.debug    /var/log/sldap.log

But the file /var/log/slapd.log still empty, and the command errpt -a does
not return slpad errors.

Thanks in advance