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LDAP with PAM.D mixes {CRYPT} and {MD5}

Hi Folx,

we have some LDAP server with pam_ldap and MD5 passwords
running, but it seems that wheter LDAP or PAM.D mixes
MD5 with CRYPT:

A user has a userPassword set to: {MD5}$1$STRINGBLABLA

When I do a passwd over pam.d as this user now, passwd
stores the new password as a {MD5}-String into the LDAP
directory, but declares this as {CRYPT}.
Looks like this:

userPassword: {crypt}$1$bEHlpx.2$L9WYWbmhStUV9iLQ1tg6m.

It does not makes sense at all, but it definetely stores
a MD5-String and declares this as crypt...

Does anybody knows how this can happen and how do we
get rid of this bug?!?
- Yes, we have MD5 set in the slapd.conf
- Yes, we have MD5 set in the pam_ldap.conf
- Yes, we have MD5 set in the /etc/pam.d/* files

Thank you for your help.


Matthias Eichler <mylists@ame.de>
AME Aigner Media & Entertainment