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Re: Monitor Backend + web Graphs

OK, due to the relative success of that presentation, I translated it in english:


Other formats are available (TXT,PDF,PS) from my index page section "# Monitoring with Snmp/MRTG/RRD, Ldap "IN ENGLIH !""


Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
Ok, monitor works fine now :-)

for those of you interested, I've written a doc on how to extract
information from backend-monitor and display it with graphs browsable
through HTML using the combination of mrtg/rrd/snmp and a perl script
monitor report. Actually it is originaly a doc on using mrtg/rrd/snmp to
graph any kind of data, but I included ldap monitoring graphs in it.


sreenshots (from a poorly used ldap server !) are in :


Unfortunatly the doc is in french ! but config files, perl script are in
english anyway, there are also good online traductors ...

The monitor perl script
isn't the best I (and the original creator
Vincent.Mathieu@univ-nancy2.fr) could do, but it works !.
Any contribution to it is welcome .

Good job; I'll try it out more deeply.  I'm afraid the French pages
and comments will limit its usage; for me, although I don't speak
French, I can work things out pretty easy.

Thanks. Pierangelo.