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Re: Deleting Everything in LDAP

Joseph Kezar wrote:
> I have a tree that I want to rebuild from scratch.

Are you looking for
1. a general solution working remote via LDAP or
2. a solution how to get rid of the data of an OpenLDAP directory tree?

1. won't work well for directories larger than a few dozens of entries.

For 2. simply delete the files in the directory holding this particular database.

> ldapdelete -x -h localhost -D"cn=manager,o=mysite,c=US" -W objectclass=*
> But it doesnt take in a filter for the last clause,

Don't you need the brackets and quote the filter argument? Try

ldapdelete -x -h localhost -D"cn=manager,o=mysite,c=US" -W "(objectclass=*)"

Ciao, Michael.