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Re: Authentication to LDAP Server Works Only If Server In Debug Mode

lør, 2003-01-25 kl. 23:41 skrev Thomas J. Baker:

> I'm having a strange problem in trying to run a small LDAP server,
> mainly for serving contacts for Ximian Evolution. I'm having trouble
> authenticating myself, but only when I'm not running the server in debug
> mode. If I run it in debug mode, authentication works fine but without
> it, authentication fails. 

There was a posting about the same sort of thing on the Exim list a
while back, though with a different OS. It turned out to be a problem
with the parent process killing off child processes too soon and running
strace on the process preventing the release.

It might be that updating your Openldap version helps - then again, it
might not :-/




Tony Earnshaw

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