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Re: Problem trying to get samba working

>It then tries the same thing for the lmpassword...I was under the 
>impression that it would use the userPassword intead of anything samba 
>specific. Can anybody point me in the right direction on this? I would 

Your wrong, and in all your searching apparently missed the many places 
that this is explicity stated.  Encrypted password support requires an M$ 
(lm or nt) crypt,  if your not using encrypted password support you have 
no use for samba-ldap as it just falls through to PAM/NSS.

>like a single username and password across a ssh login and a samba 
>login..is this possible?

Yes, but you have to either autheticate against samba (pam_smb) or use 
password sync.  Both options work fine.