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displaying LDAP user based ACL information on DSA

Hi folks,

is it possible to query the LDAP DSA for ACL information without looking
in the slapd.conf file?

I figure that an LDAP user could retrieve DIT-distributed ACL
information from the OpenLDAPaci attribute ( if beta enabled ), it seems
that this is the only choice to keep ACL information record for  LDAP
users in the OpenLDAPaci attribute and to retrieve them using an LDAP
But i wonder if there's more simpler solution to that issue, just like
comparing to retrieving the schema information from the LDAP DSA by
doing something like:
$ ldapsearch -b "cn=subSchema" -s base "(objectclass=subSchema)"
objectClasses ... ... etc.

Would it be possible to do that??
$ ldapsearch -b "??? some object ???" -s base "(??? some filter ???)"
attribute list .... etc.


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