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Re: How can I lock a record using php-ldap?

tor, 2003-01-23 kl. 21:15 skrev Alan Sparks:

> Again, not sure what was asked.  But, from a real quick look at the PHP
> documentation for their LDAP functions, I'm not sure their API is powerful
> enough to accomplish what we've been saying (issuing a pointed delete and
> add  (or replace)) in one function call.  Might be better asked on a PHP
> mailing list... I'm not a bigtime PHP coder.

There's little point in doing this, no-one on the regular or DB list has
the faintest idea about ldap. They're all SQL people. ldap still seems
to be widely unknown out in the great wide world, apart from by clued-up

It would be better to write to the coders under the guise of this list.




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