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Re: modifyTimestamp limitations

Today at 8:40am, Rayed Al-Rashed wrote:

> Is this a limitation in the LDAP specification it self, or is it OpenLDAP
> problem?

In the 2.0.27 source code (servers/slapd/schema_init.c) the ordering 
rule for generalizedTimeOrderingMatch is not implemented.  Instead, the 
code uses caseIgnoreIA5Match.  This is NOT an ordering match, so you 
can't do what you are looking for.  Since this is in violation of the 
LDAP specification, it is an OpenLDAP problem (in my opinion).

I haven't looked at the 2.1.x source code yet, so I don't know if it has 
been fixed there or not.

Since 2.1 was just recently marked "stable" immediately after the third
release to fix bugs in as many days, I've been a little slow to rush to
upgrade my production servers...

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