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Help! Redhat 7.2 GUI login as OpenLDAP client

Hi OpenLDAP and RedHat gurus,
I am trying to set up the central authentication using openldap but met
 a problem and need your help.

 Openldap server 2.* with openSSH support has been installed in a Sun
 SPARC machine with solaris 8. 
 I believe server side is set up correctly and I loaded the database in
 to ldap server. I can use ldapsearch to get all user infromation.

 my client machines are intelx86 boxeswith a Redhat 7.2. 
 I installed pam_ldap and nss_ldap from padl.
I used command 'authconfig' to set up the client authentication.
 it sounds successful.
 I use "finger userid" and "ldadsearch -x 'uid=userid'" can get the
 accout information from ldap server.
 I also can use 'ssh -l userid localhost' to login into local host
 the userid i used here is the accout id in the ldap server not the 
in the local machine. I even can use line cammand "passwd " to change the
 password of ldap accout users

 I believe my authentication set up is all right.

 but the problem is that. 
 when I logout the linux machine and try to login in the GUI( 'gnome' 
session) I can not login using both local accouts and ldap accouts.
 when using local accout and passwd it shows login authentication fail. 
 when using ldap accout and passwd it sounds login successfully but the
 login interface comes back after disappearring for 1~2 seconds.

However when I used the 'failsafe' session as GUI login session I can 
login by using any ldap account and passwd. but that is not what I want 
login by using any ldap account and passwd. but that is not what I want 
and I want to use gnome login since there is better desktop interface. 

 Any hints are highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

 Jihua Zhong
 Law School, U of PENN