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Re: Problems upgrading from 2.0.x to 2.1.x

Having received no replies whatsoever, let me rephrase the question:

Is it possible to upgrade from a v2.0.x to v2.1.x and make use of 
one's existing backend?  Is there an appropriate upgrade procedure 
documented somewhere (I have looked, but may have overlooked).

On 7 Jan 2003 at 16:11, Nels Lindquist wrote:

> I'm trying to get OpenLDAP v2.1.11 working, and I'm having some 
> difficulties.
> How do I get the newer version to recognize my old database?  
> Currently slapd runs just fine, but all searches return empty 
> results.
> I've tried building v2.1.11 with just bdb, just ldbm, and both.
> If I run slapcat (with slapd shut down, of course) I see all of the 
> expected entries in LDIF format.

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