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RE : RE : Certificate in openldap

> I think I understand what you're asking.  Simply put, the 

Yes, sorry but my english is poor

> representation in the LDAP database is (as far as I 
> understand) raw binary.  The representation of binary stuff 
> in an LDIF file is in base64.
>> Because I try to search a certificate on a ldap 
>> database,  but I don't know the format used and 
>> the correct method to search this entry.
>> 1) I put my certificate with ldapmodify -f file.ldif :
>>  when file.ldif equal :G.De_Leeuw>  
>> dn: <mydn>
>> changetype: modify 
>> replace: userCertificate;binary
>> userCertificate;binary:< file://path/mycert.der

 ldapmodify accept this syntax and the certificate is added to the database
 but at this moment I cannot test if this entry are usuable.
 For this reason I try to search this certificate.

> If mycert.der is a raw binary DER thingy, you need to do the
> following:
>   openssl base64 -A < /path/mycert.der > /path/mycert.b64
> and then use a file.ldif that looks like this:
>   dn: <mydn>
>   changetype: modify
>   replace: userCertificate;binary
>   userCertificate;binary::< file://path/mycert.b64
> (note the double :, it's important)
> G.De_Leeuw> 2) I try to search the certificate on the ldap 
> database : G.De_Leeuw>  ldapsearch -s sub -f search.ldif "%s" 
> G.De_Leeuw>  when search.ldif equal : 
> G.De_Leeuw>  userCertificate;binary:< file://path/mycert.der
> I haven't used ldapsearch in that way.  What exactly are you 
> trying to search for?

I try to search the dn of the user with the value of the attribute
userCertificate;binary are matched by an ldapsearch
It's not possible ?
In the futur I use the certificate given by apache to authenticate the
client of our extranet.
(see http://authzldap.othello.ch and the AuthzLDAPDirect option) but
apparently this tool does not work with openldap 2.1.4.


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