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RE : Certificate in openldap

Hello, many thanks for your respons.

>   userCertificate;binary:: <...base64-encoded-der...>

The DER format it is automatically encoded in base64 or it is necessary to
encode with another tools/command ?

Because I try to search a certificate on a ldap database, but I don't know
the format used and the correct method to search this entry.

1) I put my certificate with ldapmodify -f file.ldif :
 when file.ldif equal :
 dn: <mydn>
 changetype: modify
 replace: userCertificate;binary
 userCertificate;binary:< file://path/mycert.der

2) I try to search the certificate on the ldap database :
 ldapsearch -s sub -f search.ldif "%s"
 when search.ldif equal : 
 userCertificate;binary:< file://path/mycert.der

The search return all entries from the database.

What is the best method to resolve this situation ?


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