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ldapsearch example please.

Gosh I feel stupid.

First I want to say thanks to the folks who have been trying to help me out.

I have been trying to do lookups on my openldap server.

I have used the perl migration tools that come with Linux 6.2
Based on the output of the screen I have been populating my database but I
am having problems varify (by doing a search) database.

I have populated the database with info. from /etc/passwd and etc/hosts.

Can some one please give me an example of doing a search using "ldapsearch"

I would like to do a lookup on root or some other user name that is found by
default in /etc/passwd.  Before adding the /etc/hosts file to the database I
made an entry (in /etc/hosts) for

I then added the file to the ldap database using a migration tool found in

Basically I have been screwing up my sintax.  I have looked in the man pages
on ldapsearch but that is not helping me out much.

Thank you