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RE: nisDomainObject documentation? openldap 2.1.2+

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From: Yelich, Scott D. [mailto:syelich@commerzbank-usa.com]
My point is only that HOWTOs are quickly approaching
"here, just install this RPM and it will work and if it doesn't, oh well"
Sometimes saying "if you want this, you need to do this"
"if you get this error, you should investigate this"
The OpenLDAP FAQ-o-Matic is provided exactly for this purpose. Of course,
it's aimed at issues with running OpenLDAP itself. If you have problems with
Solaris tools crashing, that's a matter for some other forum.

Perhaps this is a complaint, but again, I'm more than willing to share the
information that I put together -- provided it ever works.  Systems like
twiki would be wonderful to allow people to add to a document -- but I do not
have a web system on the net any loger to provide this... perhaps I'll look
around for a free twiki server.
So, on to my questions -- do you know of any visual tools?  is lbe the best?
it's not easy to find!  are there others?  what do you use?  attacking me
may be fun, but I'm more interested in any information you want to share.
I've been using Jarek Gawor's Java ldapbrowser but at this point I'll be
looking into JX which was released from CA as open source. Having worked with
the precursor to this program and with Rick Harvey in the past, I expect
great things from it and I doubt it will disappoint.

As for Twiki, again, I think the OpenLDAP FAQ-o-Matic already fills this

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