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Re: Reading schema via ldap

>>>>> "Betts," == Betts, Chris <Chris.Betts@ca.com> writes:

    Betts,> a) read the subschema subentry from the root context b)
    Betts,> use the read subschema subentry to read the schema entry
    Betts,> (which should correspond more or less to RFC 2252).

    Betts,> a) read the subschema subentry from slapd as CN=SCHEMA 
    Betts,> (hooray!)  b) attempt to read CN=SCHEMA returns an empty
    Betts,> entry (sniff).

Lucy you (kind'a :)! I finished such a thing in PHP two hours before
I read your mail.

If you're using JAVA, it's not much use for you, but if you intend
to implement your own function(s), maybe they can be of some help.

The're ugly (my functions), but they work for me. I _THINK_ I'm make
a little to many (wrong?) assumtions on how values are retreived, but
it works for me on my LDAP (OpenLDAP 2.0.x).