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Re: slapd does not start

Hi Andrew and all ohters!

Am Fr, 2003-01-17 um 11.19 schrieb Andrew Findlay:
> Make sure that the directory you have configured to store the data in
> exists and can be written by the user that is running slapd. (Look for
> the 'directory' line in the 'database' section of slapd.conf).

Sorry, i forgot to mention that this sort of stuff is checked o.k. and
set up by the freebsd ports system in an appropriate manner.

> Sometimes permissions errors do not show up until you try to modify an
> entry.
> General Unix process-tracing tools are good for debugging this sort of
> problem. The names of the tools vary from one OS provider to another:
> Solaris and FreeBSD users might use 'truss', Linux users might use 'strace'.
> Run slapd under such a tool and examine the result - look for what
> happenned just before the error message got printed.

This was the right hint! On FreeBSD there is truss, but it does not tell
enough. But the fine ktrace told me, look:

   463 slapd    CALL  close(0x9)
   463 slapd    RET   close 0
   463 slapd    CALL  getpid
   463 slapd    RET   getpid 463/0x1cf
   463 slapd    CALL  sendto(0x5,0xbfbff290,0xc6,0,0,0)
   463 slapd    GIO   fd 5 wrote 198 bytes
       "<166>Jan 17 14:49:21 slapd[463]: ldbm_initialize(): version
        expected: Sleepycat Software: Berkeley DB 3.3.11: (July 12,
        got: Sleepycat Software: Berkeley DB 3.2.9: (January 24, 2001)
   463 slapd    RET   sendto 198/0xc6
   463 slapd    CALL  write(0x2,0xbfbfeb00,0x23)
   463 slapd    GIO   fd 2 wrote 35 bytes
       "backend_startup: bi_open 1 failed!
   463 slapd    RET   write 35/0x23

There seems to be some old library in place. I'll have a look at it and
come back if i can't solve it myself.

Thanks to all,