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Re: troubleshooting assitance - long-ish

On Thu, 2003-01-16 at 13:37, Steven L. Sesar wrote:

> I need some help, folks.

Dunno if I can.. :)
> We have a corporate LDAP Infrastructure, which is comprised of one master, 
> which we replicate to a dozen or so LDAP servers.
> One server, all of a sudden, became swamped. 100% CPU utilization, and memory 
> became pegged, as well.
> I'm currently crying "foul", because these pinheads who rolled out 
> applications which were dependant on our LDAP, did so without our knowledge, 
> thus the blindsided nature of the problem.

OK.. this is what I would be investigating first.  LDAP servers should
be able to cope with multiple connections and lookups.. that's the point
of them.

Now, I'm guessing here, but I would say that the applicaitons dependant
on your ldap servers aren't sharing the load... are they aware of other
servers to query?

But before you even get there, found out what attribute(s) these
applications are querying for and make sure your LDAP server is indexed

Look at the filter and where in the DIT the base is... is if all your
data is fairly flat in say OU=people, then a base search at this level
would be better (I think) than say a search from the root with a subtree
search.  At least it makes sence to me... less of the DIT to traverse.

After all these, maybe look to tuning your hardware and OS to handle the

These are just my ideas.. I haven't had to manage a big implementation
of LDAP so I can't talk from experience.