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Re: Upgrading to 2.1.12

On Wed, 15 Jan 2003, Philip Thiem wrote:

> I suspect this is it.  Here is an example of what I found.
> dn: dc=domain,ou=Transport,ou=Mail,o=organization,c=US
> dc not set

Yes, that will definitely cause problems.  2.0.x ignores it, but 2.1.x
will spit the dummy.

If you have a relational DB background (as I do), think of the DN as the
primary key, the left hand side of which must actually exist in the
record.  In your example, you must have an entry with the attr/value pair

The script I wrote is rather elaborate, because it was going to do more
things, but I only got as far as the DN/RDN checking.  No doubt a Perl
hacker could do it in one line...

Note to Perl hackers: You can't use Net::LDAP for this, because it expects
RFC compliancy, which is how I found I had a problem in the first place.

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