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Re: Upgrading to 2.1.12

On Wed, 15 Jan 2003, Philip Thiem wrote:

> I have been running 2.0.23 for sometime and decided to try upgrading to
> 2.1.12.  I'm running an ldbm backend with db4 4.0.14.  After the upgrade I
> had problems with the directory listing, so I tryied rebuilding the indices
> with slapindex.  This allowed me to see a portion of my directory, but much
> of it was still gone.  slapcat would only display some of the entries, but
> many were said to have no data.  I downgraded back to 2.0.23, rebuilt the
> indices and everything was fine.  Does anyone know how I need to "update"
> my database properly in order for it work with openlpad 2.1.12?

Dunno if this is related, but I had problems using some 3rd-party tools
(such as ldapsync) on a 2.0.25 system.  There were many cases where the
DNs were not normalised e.g.

dn: attr=value1,....
attr: value2

i.e. the LHS of the DN was not present as an RDN.  I wrote a simple Perl
program to scan the output of slapcat, looking for these mismatches.

The 2.0.x software accepts this; the RFC-compliant ones do not.  Another
problem is objectclasses consisting of more than one (derived) structural

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