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Re: how to check uniqueness of uidNumber ?

ons, 2003-01-15 kl. 12:19 skrev Jim C:

> Problem is that on a multi-user system, this should be an atomic action 
> with locking.  Otherwise someone else who is also adding users might 
> beat you to the next number causeing two users with the same number.
> Of course you can fix this also by makeing uidNumber part of the dn.
> I just don't get why this is not the default however, and doing this 
> probably breaks a number of things such as directory_administrator.
> Man, there just really ought to be more server-side tools / schema 
> adjustments /standards for copeing with uids/rids.

I reckon that David Smith's SQL solution is pretty good, especially if
you're using something like PHP or Perl. That'd cater for your locking.

If you don't want to learn both PHP and Perl at the same time, a PHP CGI
binary can be made and installed in /usr/local/bin and called from the
command line. Others might advise you to go the whole hog and learn C
:-) but not me.




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